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What is MB-Lock?
MB-Lock is a software how you can protect your CDs from copiering. MB-Lock is aimed at privatusers and companys.

How does MB-Lock works?

MB-Lock as Executabeleprotection encrypt your executable (exe), than it will be written on CD in an safe zone. That ist difficult to read and to write. To protect against virtual drives, the professional version have an Anti-Emulation Schild. That prevented that your programm will be emulated.

MB-Lock as AudioCD Protection manipulated the TOC (Tabel of Content) of the MusicCD. This is then no longer playable on the PC and therefore not copied. It seeks to ensure compatibility over CD players as much as possible and still maintain an effective protection to integrate.

What kind of Data can protect MB-Lock?

MB-Lock can protect CD-R/RW in Mode 1, Data CDs, Executable (exe), Music CD and Videodata (avi).

What do I need to protect a disc with MB-Lock?

To protect a CD with MB-Lock you only need a burning software like Nero Burning Rom and  a  circa maximal 2 jears old CD/DVD writer.

What can MB-Lock protect in future?

MB-Lock will be protect almost all formats in the future. For example CD-R/RWs in Mode 1 and 2 and documants (PDF), pictures, MP3. Data-DVDs and Video-DVDs are protectable.

What is the different of the various versions?

The differences are in the protection mechanism, in the security, and the price of whom the judge versions. For more information, can be read on the different versions.