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Markus Baldauf
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09432 Großolbersdorf

telefone number: 037369/9953
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§ 1 links, references, records
Our service provides the possibility of searching and representing links from the web, without influencing their content. Despite extensive examination we can give no guarantee of legally or morally irreproachable content and illustrations on linked pages. The responsibility for the target and content of the links and pages lies solely with the respective webmasters.

§ 2 Unauthorized content
We reject in the listing of sites in principle, whose contents include or advertise the following representations: children and youth pornography, depictions of right-wing propaganda, texts or pictures that express contempt for mankind, unsolicited installation of dialers, so-called hacker sites whose purpose is the dissemination of or access to viruses - trojans - worms and other programs, and any other content which violate any applicable laws.

§ 3 liability and exclusion of warranty
We generally assume no liability for damage to you by using (or in succession) to useing our service. Advertising success is not guaranteed either, this also applies to the supplying of users following a listing of your pages. In no way do we guarantee the inclusion of our site in our index page. We always reserve the rejection of entries, even without giving any reasons.

§ 4 Inclusion of promotional texts, links and  images
Inclusion of advertising on our sites takes place accerding to the agreed upon prices and time periods. We reserve the right to reduce submitted promotional texts or in some cases, the right to modify the content slightly, if this adjustment to our advertising space is required. The advertiser is responsible for the legal examination of his offers. The advertising for content as mentioned under Section 2.

§ 5 Privacy
Data which are transferred to us users and customers the specified dimensions and for the internal administration and management of our services. Data transfer to third parties will not take place without explicit consent of the customer.

§ 6 Extras
We reserve the right of stopping of our service, or parts of it at all times.

We do not guarantee permanent access to our pages and we cannot guarantee for data and other losses of which we are not responsible.

If any part of these terms and conditions are invalid or, as happens at this point in force, German law in force.